Ancient Greece and Modern Media

Introduction: Electracy“, though very wordy, is very interesting article describing our contribution to the development of media technologies. I want to focus on two things I thought about while reading; first, even though my last post wasn’t so kind to the internet, I would point out that I actually do think it’s neat to be part of the generation riding the first waves of this kind of life-shaping media and technology. The author compared us to ancient philosophers, saying “We are to the Internet what students of Plato and Aristotle were to the Academy and Lyceum.” It is really interesting to think that one day Steve Jobs and Bill Gates might be the ancient “creators” of all these new things. They might be the Plato and Aristotle of our time. Our lives really are changing. Future generations will be indescribably different than our own, and all because of the new social mediums, and other mediums, that are changing the world as we know it. On that note, let me explain my second thought born of this article- the internet really provides something that nothing else before it has; it gives everyone a voice. I thought of this while thinking of the Greek philosophers, and their democracies, the most pure of democracies, where literally every eligible person met to speak their mind. In Greece, the eligible people were, of course, proud owners of a particular sex organ  , but it was still much more personal than the U.S.A.’s current representative democracy. The internet provides a voice for everyone. From the rich to the poor, the male to the female, the foreign to the citizens, everyone in the United States can speak their mind. They won’t all be heard, but everyone at least has a chance. That is something we are using to change the world, without a doubt. You no longer have to be rich or educated to be heard. So, even if we are getting dumber, at least we all get to throw our own opinions into the mix. And maybe centuries from now our era will be viewed as the foundation of a purely democratic society. In conclusion, I should say that even though technology is changing our lives, I think we are helping to decide how.


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